Welcome to Taranaki Flora

The purpose of the site is to provide easily accessible information on the flora and vegetation of the Taranaki region including Egmont National Park, the Taranaki ringplain and inland Taranaki. Too much of that information is currently out of print or scattered across a range of books, journals and unpublished reports.

This site will be a “one stop shop” for all this material either in the form of downloadable pdfs or as links to other sites where the information can be found. It will take us some time to get there but we have made a start and intend to progressively add information to the plants and paper section as we can. We hope you will find this website useful. If you have any comments or suggestions we welcome them; please visit the contact page.


Professor Bruce Clarkson gives lecture at Puke Ariki as part of the Shadowing Venus exhibition.



BIOL521 Field Trip
From Friday 2nd April to Monday 5th April the annual University of Waikato Master of Science plant ecology (BIOL521) field trip was held in Egmont National Park.